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Wire Mesh Industries through its foregoing companies has been manufacturing wire and mesh products in Australia since 1947. Located in Sydney, the company exports to a range of markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the People's Republic of China and Romania as well as supplying all states and territories within Australia.

Wire Mesh Industries is world competitive in its chosen areas of manufacturing and supply, namely welded mesh, knitted mesh and woven mesh products. Products manufactured by the company range from automotive components to high security fencing mesh to mist eliminators to sieves and screens amongst others and markets serviced include the automotive, defence, mineral and resource sectors, petrochemical refining, engineering, insulation, manufacturing, building and construction and insulation industries.

The company utilises state of the art manufacturing techniques and equipment in all facets of the business to remain at the forefront of its chosen fields throughout South East Asia with a reputation for excellence in service, quality and price. Our client list includes a veritable whos who of businesses operating in our target markets including Ford, G M Holden, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Alcoa, BHP Billiton, Queensland Nickel, Esso, Shell, Mobil, Petronas, BP and Proton.

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