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Knitted mesh stocking is made from continuous assymetric loops in a vast range of materials, wire diameters and widths to suit a range of applications including filtration use, automotive products, cable armouring and insulation covering.

The stocking is made in tubular form in continuous rolls up to 200 metres in length in wire diameters running from 0.11 mm to 0.315 mm diameter and greater. The use of such fine wire generates a strong but extremely flexible product able to be transformed into manufactured components and products or sold as is. Common materials used in the manufacture of knitted mesh include 304, 304L, 316, 316L and 310S stainless steels, copper, tinned copper, monel 400, hastelloy C276, incoloy 825 and polypropylene so a range of process conditions and variables can be met with the right selection of knitted mesh material from high temperatures to strong acid conditions and more.

Stocking flat widths run from as little as 10 mm to greater than 650 mm and the mesh stocking can be supplied uncrimped or crimped (flat form as knitted or with a herringbone corrugation running through the mesh to increase the mesh volume relative to weight).

Runs from as little as a few metres to tens of thousands of metres are possible and the business uses an extensive range of state of the art machinery to ensure competitive pricing, delivery and service on an international basis. Export markets for knitted mesh stocking supplied on a regular basis by the company include Singapore, Malaysia, Romania and New Zealand.

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