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The unique properties of knitted mesh in terms of flexibility, compressibility, strength, range of material selection and durability lend it to the manufacture of a range of automotive components predominantly used in exhaust systems. Wire Mesh Industries manufactures automotive components on an OEM basis for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry including Ford, GM Holden, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Proton using state of the art equipment that produces cost effective, world competitive car parts including monolith support wraps, separation rings, knitted wire mesh rope, end protection seals and flexible joint seals.

Predominantly the company makes exhaust components from fine stainless steel wire able to be compressed, crimped or formed to whatever shape is need to carry out functions within the exhaust assembly such as vibration minimisation, maintenance of gaps between exhaust components and support and protection of the catalytic converter monolith. The knitted mesh formed products are commonly flexible, able to withstand high temperatures and able to absorb the sorts of impacts and thermal expansions common with automotive exhaust systems.

The company uses high tech state of the art machinery for the manufacture of its automotive components and has earned a reputation for quality, service and world price competitiveness throughout the South East Asian region. Some of the components manufactured by the business for the automotive sector include:

Catalytic converter monolith supports
Monolith support wraps are a one piece, corrugated knitted wire mesh support element joined into a circular form and able to be slid over the catalytic converter monolith with ease. Wire Mesh Industries manufactures monolith support wraps with or without an inserted filler material such as an intumescent mat and in a range of materials from the more common grades of stainless to materials able to resist temperatures above 1,000 0C such as 310S stainless. The corrugation through the product gives it resilience and strength through the catalytic assembly process and then for the service life of the exhaust system minimising shocks to the catalytic converter and ensuring the monolith remains apart from the can itself.

Catalytic converter seals
Mesh rings made in one piece that sit over the ends of the catalytic converter honeycomb brick to protect the fragile brick from gas erosion and gas bypass. The mesh seals are made in a continuous fashion without joint to ensure their integrity and longevity in service and can be varied in terms of seal diameter, seal size and seal density as well as materials of manufacture.

Mesh pipe spacers
Pipe spacer rings are used to maintain a constant gap between dual pipes in an exhaust system and are made from compressed knitted mesh. The spacer ring can cope with temperature changes within the exhaust system thanks to the use of materials such as stainless steels and is flexible enough to allow for any vibration through the exhaust system. Different designs of spacer rings can be manufactured to cover differing exhaust system designs including thin wall and heavy wall spacer rings and different profiles of spacer rings can also be manufactured to suit the individual circumstances of the exhaust system. The parts are comparatively cheap, can be mass produced by Wire Mesh Industries and short lead-times exist between the design of the exhaust system and the manufacture of prototypes and then full production thanks to the unique manufacturing system in place for these products within the business.

Mesh strap
Wire Mesh Industries has developed a range of continuous covered mesh tapes able to replicate the functions of the mesh spacer rings and be reeled off a spool instead of manually placed over the exhaust pipe. The mesh tape can be made in any dimensions and in any materials and is supplied in a range of roll lengths. The inner knitted mesh core is covered by an outer skin of extremely fine knitted mesh to eliminate the opportunity for the product to fray thus ensuring smooth, simple handling.

Mesh gaskets
Knitted mesh gaskets and seals are made from a rolled length of knitted mesh stocking formed continuously over itself and as such have no beginning or end. This allows for a constant density of knitted mesh around the circumference of the part and the elimination of any weak points. The knitted mesh seals and gaskets are made in a range of materials, wire diameters, densities and sizes to suit any application and the unique profile of the knitted mesh stocking with its interlocking continuous loops from fine wire creates an automotive component with excellent flexibility and resiliency under extremes of load and temperature. Our range of knitted mesh automotive components such as the above provide a cost effective and durable solution to the problems of automotive engineering design and our production quality and competitiveness have given us a range of export markets to service as well as domestic automotive supply.

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