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Stainless steel renforcement mesh is made by Wire Mesh Industries in conjunction with a range of stainless steel merchants. The growing problem of concrete cancer caused by the proximity of bright wire mesh to marine or other aggressive environments is countered by the use of stainless steel grade 316 reinforcing bar welded into fabrics to a maximum size of 6,000 mm x 2,400 mm.

Wire Mesh Industries is the only business in Australia capable of welding such fabrics and meshes are made in wire diameters up to 8 mm. Wire diameter and mesh aperture selections can be made to generate any form of fabric and combinations of different linewire diameters can be welded in the one fabric much as for bright wire reinforcement mesh.

Uses of the stainless steel mesh include road and traffic systems, bridges and tunnels and in particular any form of built structure close to or located in a marine environment. The stainless steel reinforcement mesh can be used in critical corrosion affected locations in conjunction with the use of other bright wire reinforcement mesh elsewhere in the structure to minimize the overall cost of a construction project whilst ensuring that critical corrosion locations are safeguarded by the use of the stainless steel mesh.

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