Wire Mesh Industries has built a formidable reputation for excellence in service and quality over more than 50 years of manufacturing.  Located in Sydney, the company exports to a range of markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, India, The Philippines and the People’s Republic of China as well as all states and territories within Australia.

Wire Mesh Industries is world competitive in its chosen areas of supply – namely knitted mesh, woven mesh and other wire mesh products.  Products manufactured and supplied by the company include knitted mesh mist eliminators, knitted mesh stocking in rolls, recovery cathodes, insulation covers, woven mesh rolls, woven mesh components, welded mesh panels and rolls and components and more.  Markets serviced by the company include the mining and refining industries, oil and gas, engineering, insulation, manufacturing, water, construction, defence, transport, infrastructure, automotive and more.

The company utilizes state of the art manufacturing equipment and techniques to remain at the forefront of its chosen fields throughout South-East Asia.  Our client list includes a veritable who’s who of businesses operating in our target markets including Exxon Mobil, Esso, BHP Billiton, Shell, BP, MRC Global and more.

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