Knitted mesh mist eliminators are made by Wire Mesh Industries from layers of knitted mesh stocking crimped or corrugated to produce a given set of properties for a given volume of space.  The use of extremely fine wire [commonly 0.11 mm to 0.315 mm in diameter] combined with an exacting range of crimp depths and widths allows for the generation of an extremely large surface area for a given volume of space in conjunction with an exceptionally high void percentage.  Such an arrangement creates an ideal filter for removing entrained liquid droplets from gas and vapour process streams finding particular use in the chemical, petrochemical and petroleum refining industries amongst others.

  • Common situations requiring the use of mist eliminators include the following:
  • Distillation columns – improve product quality and increase throughput
  • Evaporators – prevent loss of valuable product
  • Gas scrubbers – improve separation of the contacting liquid to leave gas clean
  • Knockout drums – reduce capital expense by reducing vessel dimensions
  • Absorbers – prevent loss of valuable solvents
  • Refinery columns – increase product throughput, prolong catalyst usability by the reduction of carbons and metals in side draws.

A range of materials are used in the manufacture of mist eliminators including stainless steels such as 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 309, 310S and 321 stainless steels, duplex stainless steel, monel, Hastelloy, incoloy, nickel and more as well as non-metals such as HDPE, PTFE and fibreglass.  Such a varied range of materials allows for the use of mist eliminators in a vast range of process conditions.

Eliminators are commonly made up of a number of layers of crimped knitted mesh stocking [the eliminator mattress] supported between top and bottom metal frames [support grids] and can range in diameter from as small as 20 mm to larger than 7 metres in diameter depending on the vessel size and the process conditions therein.

Wire Mesh Industries manufactures all its own mist eliminators from raw wire stage to finished product in house and the company has an excellent reputation globally for quality, for price competitiveness and for service in this field.  The bulk of the mist eliminators manufactured by the company are exported to a range of markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, The People’s Republic of China, New Zealand and more.  We supply industry giants such as Shell, BP, BHP Billiton, Caltex, Exxon Mobil and more with knitted mesh mist eliminators.

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